About Us

ATG Informatics was founded in 2010 by an enterprising team of technocrats with the aim to provide world class end-to-end technical services to our clients. At ATG Informatics we believe that in today's digitally interconnected business world, having a reliable IT infrastructure is a must for any organisation.

ATG Informatics talented team of professionals is able to undertake every aspect of consultancy, infrastructure design, sourcing, installation and ongoing support. We are a team with the ability to efficiently and quickly deliver all your needs.

We develop new age products for the 21st century using cutting edge advanced technology. Products which are not only useful but are designed to be important tools in increasing your productivity.

Whatever maybe the nature of your business, the size of your organisation or the scope of your IT requirement, ATG Informatics can offer you with the professional skills and resources to empower your business to compete and succeed in a rapidly changing world.


We always strive to provide our clients with proactive services and technical support whenever the need arises. Our team of technical experts are available for you 24x7 and our rapid response team ensures that we always deliver the fastest response to your IT support issues without compromising the quality and accuracy of the result.


Our team of technical geniuses' are highly experienced having worked with several leading IT organisations before. Due to their vast experience our team is more than capable enough to be able to recommend the right solution to fit your business needs.