Mobile Printer

Mobile Printer

ATG Informatics has come up with a handy and innovative USB mobile printer. Coming in 2 colour and 3 colour variants, the device works by selectively heating a thermo chromic paper or thermal paper. When the paper goes over the thermal print head the coating turns black in the heated area, thereby producing an image. Additional colours can be obtained by apply heat at different temperatures.

Key function

  • 2" paper width
  • USB Interface
  • High Speed Print
  • Integrated paper bucket
  • Plug and play capability
  • Integrated Plastic tear bar
  • Bar code Support
  • Compact in size
  • 7.4 Volts, 2Ah
  • High Resolution Printing 8 dots/mm
  • Printing speed up to 90mm/s
  • Android support
  • Low weight and low cost
  • Inbuilt battery
  • Battery life 15 hours when continuously used

Application Areas:

The printer is a quality and cost viable device for POS, kiosks, ticketing counter, labelling, banking sector, instrumentation and medical equipment applications. Its small size also adds to it portability and it can connect to android devices via wired connectivity. The device comes with an android app developed by use to print data.