Imagine you are running late for office and need to turn off all your appliances and light switches in all the rooms. You are wasting precious time which could have been better spent being on your way to work. It is at times like these you may find yourself wishing you had a magic key to turn off all your appliances and switches.

Well your wish is now a reality.

OneControl is an innovative technology brought to you by ATG Informatics which can help you control all your electronic devices at home through a single Master Key.

With the OneControl master key you can operate your devices from any location in your home. The master key also comes with different settings, which allows one to select just the devices in a particular room or select single independent appliances. OneControl's intelligent control system lets one to switch on/off any device from your room lighting to your Television or Stereo system.

One Controls Smart Home Automation solutions are aimed at both domestic and commercial spaces. Use the devices versatility for making better use of your home appliances, increase energy efficiency and save on power bills.

For commercial spaces OneControl offers you the option of better utilization of your resources. Save on power and time by having the convenience to switch on-off your devices without having to leave your seat.

OneControl is made using ZigBee which is the industry leading global standard in Home Automation used to create smarter homes that enhance the comfort, security and energy management of homes and offices. OneControl technology empowers you to personalize your home or business environment with a Smart Automation System which adds value to your life, saves on your power bills and contributes to create a greener tomorrow for the planet.

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